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  1. page **Mr. Maurer a.k.a. Coffeechug Page** edited Hello everyone, this is where I will post my thoughts on the book and provide questions and insight…
    Hello everyone, this is where I will post my thoughts on the book and provide questions and insights as we move through this extension. I am creating this page a little late so I hope to get caught up here rather quickly.
    Let the journey begin.
    4.18.11 -3.19.12 I am
    Feel free to chime in with some answers, thoughts, questions, etc. by posting in the "Discussion" tab.
    As I was reading the Foreword, I think Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston raises a good question or thought in the first paragraph when she states, "It's a dead issue. These days you can hardly get people to read about a live issue. People are issued out."
    2. Why did the fishing boats all come back shortly after they left the dock?
    3. What happened to Papa? How did he react to the situation?
    April 20th,
    1. I have to come out and ask the question only because I have heard several conversations in class so far about the book. I know that many of you have been told that the book is not good. Without falling prey to agreeing with your peers for the sake of agreeing what are your thoughts so far? I know we are only a few chapters into the book so far, but I am curious to know your thoughts? I often wonder if the approach and setup to a novel changes the feelings of a book. I have admitted openly to you that this is not the best book you have ever read, but that does not mean it is not a great read.
    Look forward to hearing what you have to say.
    2. Also, reading the letters that you wrote for the Friendly Letter challenge you might want to take a look at this timeline of events and rework your letters. The internment camps were not built overnight so some of your letters are not accurate in terms of times and dates.
    3. I hope you read chapters 2-4 for class today!
    Here are some resources for mnemonic devices
    Need helping making a mnemonic device?
    Try this out -
    Try this out - or this
    April 21st,
    Chapter 2
    4. What does shi-ka-ta-gai-nai mean? How does it affect the Japanese Americans’ response to the internment?
    5. Put the following cities in the order in which the Wakatsuki family lived and briefly describe each.
    Terminal Island
    Ocean Park
    Boyle Heights
    6. Describe the difficulties people experienced at Manzanar in the following areas:
    living arrangement
    Chapter 3
    7. With Papa gone, who became the leader in the family? How did he/she handle the new role?
    Chapter 4
    8. More details of the condition at Manzanar are given in this chapter. Write the most important ones below:
    9. How did the condition affect the Japanese Americans?
    Chapter 5
    10. What began to happen to families once they moved to Manzanar? Why?
    11. When Mama and Papa were distracted with worries, who did the author look to for attention? What did she get involved in? Why couldn’t she continue?
    12. When Papa finally returned to his family, how had he changed?
    Chapter 6
    13. What kind of family was Papa from? Why did he leave Japan?
    14. Why was he humiliated when he first arrived in the U.S.?
    15. What was Mama’s family’s opinion of Papa? Why?
    16. Name the kinds of work Papa did.
    17. Was Papa able to succeed in anything? Why or why not?
    Chapter 7
    18. On what charge was Papa arrested?
    19. Did Papa feel any loyalty toward Japan? How did he feel about the war? Which country did he want to win?
    Here are some helpful links for research:
    April 27th
    Quiz for the reading
    April 29th
    Global Collaboration Brainstorming
    Please provide a solution/idea to the following question. This feedback will be provided back to the instructor in India. Provide your answer to the bullet list and include first name and period after.
    my idea is that you could put something like sand or something real fine to smooth out over a slate or something and write on that
    How would you teach someone to read when there's not much paper around?(something we face in many parts of India)
    Add idea to the Google Doc link. Please include your first name and period #.
    Riley Biggs P.1- If there are not many paper you could just get one copy of the book and read it to the whole class, and after you read you could go back over it in a big group discussion so everyone has the same understanding about what is going on.
    International Pen Pal Club communication with students in Japan
    I am just throwing this out there as something that you might be able to use to further your understanding of Japanese culture. This is a project we have been working on all year with students in Japan.
    My pen pal club has been working with a group of students in Japan all year. You can see our log of communication here:
    Here is my Pen Pal club page
    Choose the "Japan" page on the wiki
    Feel free to join in the communication with students in Japan
    A new project that myself and the teacher in Japan are working on is communicating via Twitter. Twitter is a social network device where your comments have to be 140 characters or less so it is little short bits. Twitter is blocked here at school so I have had to make some alternative solutions.
    One of these solutions is to post the tweets on a Google Doc. I send the link out to my pen pal club members, they can add their answers to the slide, post new questions to ask them, and then I transfer the comments to Twitter
    The link above is access to the Google Docs. I am sharing this with all of you as I think it is a very cool opportunity to talk with students on the other side of the world. Some of you might have students who are interested in communicating with them and perhaps you need a way to kill some time in TA. Feel free to add some answers and pose some new questions by adding directly to the document.
    Some basic brain research to support what I keep preaching in class about your Google Presentations.
    This research comes from John Medina in his book, Brain Rules
    Rule #4: We don’t pay attention to boring things
    · Slides with lots of words are BORING! You know this so why do you continue to make these slides?
    Rule #10: Vision trumps all other senses
    · Hear a piece of information and three days later you remember 10%
    · Add a picture and you will remember 65%
    Key Points
    · Structure presentation around meaning and the big picture
    · Don’t start with the details. Start with the key ideas
    · Clean up your presentation. Too many words
    o Slide are boring
    o Nobody wants to read a bunch of words on the screen
    *As I shared on all presentations, how would your presentation look if I deleted sentences and slides with too much info? Could you pull off your presentation in a persuasive manner?

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    Team A – Justified Research Document
    Team A – Unjustified Research
    Team B – Justified Research
    Team B – Unjustified Research
    Team C – Justified Research
    Team C – Unjustified Research
    Team Presenation Links
    Team A – Justified
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  3. page ***Calendar of Events*** edited ... Tasks Challenges 0 - 4/14/11 3/20/12 Explanation of Extension Show how to use wiki and…
    0 - 4/14/113/20/12
    Explanation of Extension
    Show how to use wiki and expectations
    Fill out Bio aspect of journal to practice
    Challenge #0
    1 - 4/15/113/21/12
    Introduce Extension
    Quick study on Japanese Internment Camp
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    2 - 4/18/113/22/12
    KWL Chart: Pearl Harbor
    Complete the K and the W section as a class, through discussion
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    3 - 4/19/113/23/12
    Finish KWL Chart
    Friendly Letter:
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    4 - 4/20/11
    Discuss wiki thoughts presentation
    Time to fix wiki pages
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    5 - 4/21/11
    Discuss questions for chapters 5-7: See Mr. Maurer Wiki Page
    Learning Targets:
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    6 - 4/26/11
    Discuss questions for chapters 8-9
    Have students get in groups and discuss how Mama, Papa, Jeanne, and Woody are evolving as characters. They should spend roughly 5 minutes on each character. The more notes they take now, the easier their character study will be at the end.
    Challenge #8
    Challenge #11
    7 - 4/27/11
    Sound Board Feedback on Wiki pages of peers
    Discuss questions for chapters 10-11
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    8 - 4/28/11
    Discuss questions for chapters 12-14
    Learning Target: Explain the story parts/elements and how they work together.
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    9 - 4/29/11
    Discuss questions for chapters 15-17
    Learning Targets: Explain how individuals, events, and ideas in a nonfiction text work together.
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    10 - 5/2/11
    Discuss questions for chapters 18-20
    Have students get in groups and discuss how Mama, Papa, Jeanne, and Woody are evolving as characters. They should spend roughly 5 minutes on each character. The more notes they take now, the easier their character study will be at the end.
    Challenge #8
    Challenge #11
    11 - 5/3/11
    Discuss questions for the rest of the book
    Thoughts, opinions of the book, etc…
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    12 - 5/4/11
    Character Study
    Direct students to the labs folder to see the requirements for the character study
    Challenge #7
    Challenge #11
    14 - 5/5/11 - 5/6/11
    Finalize all aspects of the project
    Self Evaluation
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