Directions: Copy this entire page and paste it to your own page. As we move through this extension you will be filling in the required tasks. Feel free to go back and edit, modify, and change your work as we move through this extension.

Challenge #0: Practice with Wiki

Directions: Practice writing into your template by creating a little Bio about yourself. Do not include any personal information or your last name. However, list some items so that we can add some comments in the discussion tab to practice how this all works.

Challenge #1: Quick Study

You will be provided one class period to research and gather information about the Japanese internment camps.

Remember: Do not copy and paste. Place information in your own words and provide the link in which you found the information. We must give credit to our sources.

Challenge #2: KWL Chart - Peal Harbor

K(What do you know?)
W(What do you hope to learn?)
L(What did you learn?

Challenge #3: Vocabulary

Directions: You will need to be able to prove your understanding of the words on the pre-test.
A few suggestions to show your understanding would be to
  • Draw picture
  • Definition(in own terms or one that you understand)
  • Use it in a sentence
  • Mnemonic Device
  • Any other method that will help you
  1. confiscators
  2. sinister
  3. futile
  4. dignity
  5. fruitless
  6. internment
  7. hostility
  8. subordinate
  9. aggravated
  10. intangible
  11. promenade
  12. pacify
  13. oblivion
  14. sustenance
  15. subdued
  16. lethargy
  17. assented
  18. capitulate
  19. assertive
  20. authentic

Challenge #4: Friendly Letter

Directions: Act as though you are a Japanese-American living on the West Coast on December 8th, 1941. Write to your cousin that lives on the East Coast about how your life has suddenly changed.

Challenge #5: Executive Order 9066


Executive Order 9066
Questions to Guide Student Understanding

1. From whom is this Executive order handed down?
2. Who is granted the authority to carry out this order?
3. When can this order be carried out?
4. During a time of war what would it mean to declare a section of the United States a military area?
5. During a time of war which "persons" do you think would be excluded from these declared military areas?
6. When this order is carried out, what is provided for the residents who have been excluded?
7. What agencies can assist in the carrying out of this order?
8. Do you think this type of order could be carried out in today’s society?
9. Do you think there would ever be a time this kind of order would be justified?
10. Would you be in favor of such an order if the United States were attacked by a foreign military?

Challenge #6: Justified/Not Justified Webquest

Follow the guidelines of the webquest. You will share all necessary work here in this challenge. This is an ongoing challenge.

Challenge #7: Learning Targets Log

Directions: Make a bullet list of ideas that you have discussed with your group that fit and meet the criteria of the following Learning Targets. You will need to continue to come back to these Learning Targets and fill in your insights from the reading, group discussions, and classroom activities. This is an ongoing challenge.

    • Learning Target:
      • Compare and contrast a historical fiction text as it relates to the actual event.

      • Explain how individuals, events, and ideas in a nonfiction text work together.
      • Identify the organization of a non-fiction text and how the details relate to the main idea.
      • Restate the author’s purpose and explain how it differs from others.
      • Explain the story parts/elements and how they work together.
      • Explain how individuals, events, and ideas in a nonfiction text work together.
      • Identify the organization of a non-fiction text and how the details relate to the main idea

Challenge #8: Evolving of Characters

Directions: Discuss how the characters are evolving in the story. Be sure to discuss Mama, Papa, Jeanne, and Woody. Make sure you add anything discussed in your group discussions.

Challenge #9: Character Study(will be posted at the end)

Challenge #10: Student Evaluation

Challenge #11: Online Communication

Directions: Throughout this extension we are asking that you take time to read what others have to say. We will be viewing to see what you are contributing to others. Using the "Discussion" tab please take time to ask questions, leave comments, provide feedback for others involved in the extension. Remember that everything you do is monitored so keep it educational and professional.