Sound Board Feedback

All Sound Board feedback should follow this "3 - 2 - 1" format:

List 3 things that are very good about this wiki page.

List 2 suggestions for improving the wiki page.

List 1 piece of new knowledge our group has obtained thanks to this wiki page.

For each of the questions above consider including information about

· Content - clarity, quantity
· Communication - between the students as collaborators
· Wiki Presentation - design, use of graphics, layout

Be sure to look for the following specific criteria: Student wiki pages should utilize:

· lots of space between paragraphs
· clear and deliberate headings in large, bold font
· bullets to organize lists of information
· less writing on more pages - links, links, links!
            • Students should provide hyperlinks on their page to things that the average reader might now know
            • Example: the word “Manzanar” might be a good word to hyperlink to a website with more information about this place.
· images to break up the page
            • check to make sure images are school appropriate and meet project guidelines
· all research properly cited in MLA format

NOTE: These will be probably be read as soon as you post them. Remember these kids have worked very hard. Give them positive, constructive feedback to help them improve their project.

Leave your Sound Board Feedback in their Discussion Tab

Label your post “Sound Board Feedback by _(space is first name and class period)

Example “Sound Board Feedback by Aaron P.1”

You should be able to get through at least two wiki pages, but keep going through as many as time allows
Start with students not in this class.

As we evaluate our work one more time, I want everyone to be on the lookout for the following information.

1. Check to see that last names are provided anywhere on any forms.

2. All work has cited information.

3. Check for spelling and grammar.

4. Check the layout. Can the page be organized any better?

I want to bring attention to the idea of being safe on the internet. We have to be careful.

Social networking and posting photos.