Hello everyone, this is where I will post my thoughts on the book and provide questions and insights as we move through this extension. I am creating this page a little late so I hope to get caught up here rather quickly.

Let the journey begin.

3.19.12 I am going to read the novel over again at the same pace as you all. Today I will be posting some thoughts and questions about the Foreward, the Timeline, and Chapter One.

Feel free to chime in with some answers, thoughts, questions, etc. by posting in the "Discussion" tab.

As I was reading the Foreword, I think Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston raises a good question or thought in the first paragraph when she states, "It's a dead issue. These days you can hardly get people to read about a live issue. People are issued out."

Why is this? Why is it that we don't take time to care about what is going on around us? We are so consumed with our little inner circle of friends and family that we rarely understand the events in real time let alone the past.

Don't forget that WW2 was not that long ago. Some of you might have grandparents and/or other family members that remember this time period. This is still recent history. Don't forget that this was all about 60-70 years ago.

Chapter 1 - Answer in the Discussion Tab
1. Describe Papa’s personality.
2. Why did the fishing boats all come back shortly after they left the dock?
3. What happened to Papa? How did he react to the situation?